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About ZEDE

ZEDE – 1418, a high-end clothing brand, draws inspiration from the biblical figure Melchizedek, embodying elegance and timelessness. The name, a modern representation, refers to Genesis 14:18, where Melchizedek is described as the king of Salem and a priest of God Most High. “1418” symbolizes the biblical verse, adding depth to the brand’s identity, aiming to capture regality and grace with a contemporary and stylish flair.


Corporate clothing consulting involves providing specialized advice and services to businesses and organizations regarding their clothing and uniform needs. This can include a range of services designed to enhance the professional appearance of employees and promote a cohesive brand image. Here are some key aspects of corporate clothing consulting, including size measurement, uniform distribution, and related services:

Uniform Design & Customization

Uniforms to align with the your brand identity

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Sizing Guidelines and Charts

To assist employees in selecting appropriate size

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Size Measurement Services

Ensure employees receive uniforms that fit well

Fabric and Material Selection

Material that are suitable for work environment

Brand Alignment

To align with the overall brand image

Gripping fashion

Gripping fashion in corporate clothing leaves a lasting impression with innovative designs, high-quality fabrics, and contemporary aesthetics.

New found Status

When customers don our high-end clothing, they are not merely wearing garments; they are embracing a lifestyle that exudes refinement & exclusivity.

Tailored Elegance

Every stitch, every fabric speaks of precision and attention to detail. When your team wears meticulously crafted clothing, it communicates excellence and attention to quality

Brand Identity

Corporate fashion serves as a canvas for your brand identity. Through carefully chosen designs and colors, it reinforces your brand message.

First Impression

High-end corporate clothing ensures a powerful, positive first impression, reflecting the professionalism and excellence of your organization.

Fashion Psychology

Fashion psychology reveals that colors & styles impact emotions & perceptions. By understanding the psychology behind clothing choices, high-end corporate wear can be tailored to evoke confidence, trust, & reliability.

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Corporate Fashion with ZEDE

Welcome to ZEDE, where we redefine corporate identity through the lens of high-end fashion. We specialize in elevating your brand’s presence with sophisticated and trendsetting corporate attire. Discover a curated collection that blends professionalism with contemporary style, making a lasting statement in the corporate world. Step into a realm where your corporate identity meets unparalleled elegance — because success deserves to be impeccably dressed.